Saturday, October 10, 2009

Naturist Friends Visit Us At Olive Dell Ranch

On June 28, 2009, as I was returning from the group freehike PJ and I guide every Sunday morning for visitors and residents at Olive Dell, I saw a familiar person walking naked up the hill towards us. It was our friend Bob from Utah – what a surprise! He and his wife were in Southern California for a square dance convention and had stopped for the day at Olive Dell.

Another friend in Utah, Harrow, had told him he might see us, but he’d thought ‘what’s the chance?’

It was great to see Bob and his wife. They visited our naked garden; we played tennis with Dave, and just visited on our deck for awhile until they had to leave for home.

Later that Sunday evening a couple, Ralph and Jeanie, visited us. We toured our garden, swam, ate dinner, and played UNO Attack on our deck until it got dark.

We have so little time to now to travel because of work so it’s wonderful when our naturist friends can visit us. An we're always open to making new frinds - everyone is welcome to visit. There’s a place to stay, and it probably won’t cost a thing if you tell the managers you’re visiting us. Naturist friends are the best friends for sure.

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