Friday, October 23, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch, August 9, 2008

PJ and I arose early and drove up to Olive Dell Ranch to enjoy our weekend. What a relief to be away from work.

We arrived just in time for me to take a morning freehike in the hills above the resort. What a wonderful way to start a day, hiking naked, at one with nature. I saw rabbits, an owl, a hawk, and a flock of quail along the way. The vistas from the tops were beautiful. The sun and wind caressed my body joyfully.

As I hiked I thought about freehiking’s health benefits; just imagine how healthy one can become by regularly freehiking – soaking up vitamin D with your naked skin. Yet it seems that many people, prudes, conspire to keep us from healthy activities such as freehiking - but not today, at least for me.

On my return I walked past Karen who was out walking her dog. Then I spoke for a few minutes with Mary Lou who was also walking her dog past our trailer. A little later Dave drove up to our trailer to talk about a small business we are doing together. Sitting together naked on the deck is always enjoyable. It’s so nice associating with other nudists – the friendliest of all people.

I spent a few hours watering the plants and digging a new trail in our naturist garden – Dellymaze Park. Skinny Gardening certainly motivates one to work at creating a beautiful place, and it’s also wonderful exercise.

It’s always a joy to walk naked to the clubhouse to shower off the sweat and dirt form Skinny work, and to eat a meal, naked with friends.

Later, sitting on our deck, we enjoyed watching a visiting family (dad, mom, and two probably 12 year old twin daughters) play a game of tennis nude. Three kids (a boy and two girls about 10 years old) who live at the resort dropped by to visit and see progress on our garden. Unconsciously playing naked with good friends - growing up as naturists – a blessing I wish I’d experienced.

Still, life is so good at Olive Dell Ranch.

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