Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Andrew Freehikes Olive Dell

I have not been freehiking in a couple of months. If TNS saw my tan lines they would probably revoke my membership. But today I headed out to Olive Dell for the afternoon.

I checked out Ken's new trails. He's certainly been busy in the last two months. If he builds any more he'll need a traffic light. But seriously, it looks nice.

It was a hot day so I hung out by the pool reading for the first couple of hours. I wasn't wearing a watch (or anything else for that matter) but I'd guess around 5pm I decided to go out for a hike. So, it put on my hiking boots, filled my water bottle and hit the trails.

There are extensive trails to the south, but I decided to take a different path today. I headed east. I didn't see any wild donkeys, but I knew they were not far away, given the fresh tracks and droppings.

Eventually I reached a ridge that looked down on a large excavation site. The construction had ended for the day. It appears to be new streets and residential housing. So, I guess this trail will be "too visible" for nude hiking in the not too distant future. (This was Redland's lamd fill, so freehihing will alwat remain protected. - Ken)

I continued to hike north and found large white + signs on a couple of hills. I imagine this is a sign for helicopters, but they look too small for a landing sites. I wonder what they mean. I eventually turned around when I realized that the trail would not lead back to Olive Dell. So, I hiked back the way I came.

I was ready for a shower as I was covered in trail dust. Then I ordered a chicken wrap at the cafeteria. Good food at Olive Dell, and reasonably priced.

It was a very pleasant afternoon. I wish I lived closer. The only thing I dislike about Olive Dell is the culture of smoking, but I just kept my distance from the smokers.


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