Thursday, October 8, 2009

Olive Dell Dance and Visitors - June 2009

On June 13, 2009, PJ and I attended a 60’s dance at Olive Dell Ranch. PJ made and wore a fun tie-died outfit, and I wore a matching headband and beads. Dances at Olive Dell are small, but fun, and there are no sexual overtones like one feels at larger naturist park dances. Most people stay nude at the Olive Dell dances – very appropriate.

It was very moving to watch one resident, Craig, dance with his wife who has MS and must often be in a wheel chair. Another man with only one leg enjoyed hopping to the music. Naturists are so non-judgmental - it’s so nice when body image is not an issue.

This June was a month for visitors to our trailer at Olive Dell Ranch. On the 21st, Joe, from Park City, called to tell us that he was attending a workshop in Las Vegas and had time to drop south for a few days in the sun. (I guess he had an extremely slow drive south since everyone in Southern California was returning from the weekend in Las Vegas.) We had to work that Sunday, so I left work for a while to meet him at the gate so he could get in and get settled in his small RV.

We spent Monday and Tuesday morning enjoying his company, talking, gardening, soaking in the sun and water, and enjoying a nice meal at the restaurant (nude of course). He did some work on his van. He even treated us to a nice meal at our favorite Thai restaurant in Redlands (not nude unfortunately). We really enjoyed having him visit (I don’t think he paid anything to stay at Olive Dell), and hope he returns soon with his wife and kids.

He seemed to really enjoy our site. He also stopped at Silver Valley resort on his return trip.

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