Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - June 2009

As I’m sure most Skinny Trippers know, PJ and I own a trailer and rent a site at Olive Dell Ranch (family nudist resort) in Corona, California (actually Redlands). We stay there most Sundays, Mondays, Tuesday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and Thursday mornings. It’s great to live, even part-time, in a community with other naturists.

During the month of June, 2009, we were able to freehike two or three days every week. It’s so very nice to be able to simply slip on a pair of shoes and socks, grab some water and a small pack, and freehike for miles from our trailer door. Olive Dell has some very nice trails. I usually hike the loop trail up to a picnic table (about three miles round trip), or up the north hills with great views of the cities. But on one occasion this month I took the time to hike much further into the hills (perhaps six miles) and found a perfect place for another naturist park – if only I was rich.

We also free-gardened most days. PJ’s been painting our bird pole – the birds are eating seeds like crazy. I’ve created several new trails through the garden, placed rocks in patterns, and planted a number of new cactus plants. We love our naked rock garden. We’ve named it Dellymaze Park; it's becoming large enough now to be a park.

(Our camera is broken down just now, so I’ll have to include photos with another Skinny Report.)

I’m still working with the resort owner to plan a nude 5k. The loop trail is exactly the right distance. We’re planning on holding the first run next May. Is anyone interested in attending this first nude 5k?

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