Monday, October 12, 2009

Naturist Children

At times it’s wonderfully amazing living at a naturist resort. Yesterday PJ and I drove up to Olive Dell after work, arriving shortly after 3:00 pm. We immediately got undressed as is our custom, and I grabbed a shovel and walked down to hill to extend the trail from our garden. Even in the late afternoon heat I realized again how much love nude gardening, and can do it for hours.

After about an hour I saw several kids, W. . . and S. . . , walking up to hill to visit the garden. (They’re probably about 10 years old.) W. . . was nude, carrying a towel. S. . . wore an open-front sarong. Just two naturist kids enjoying each other’s company, and visiting the fun garden PJ and I are creating.

They said hi, and explained how much they liked what we are doing. They especially like the alligators PJ had hidden by the maze. Otherwise, they pretty much disregarded the naked old man digging a trail in the garden. S. . . took off her sarong and they laid on a large flat rock in the garden while they talked. After a while they got up and went to talk with PJ who was nude, painting on the deck by the trailer. They sat for some time on the deck, watching the birds – all three naked.

After a while, W. . . walked down the trail to examine my progress. W. . . and S. . . said goodbye, then headed back to the clubhouse, carrying towel and sarong.

Later in the evening I saw the two friends riding bikes. They had put on pants, but were both topless. What a wonderful way to grow up, playing with naked friends of both sexes, and thinking nothing of it.

Later in the evening Mary Lou and David dropped by and sat naked around the table on the deck talking, eating cherries and popcorn, and drinking soda, until it got dark. I commented on how great it was to see the kids so unconsciously enjoying themselves as naked friends. Mary Lou seem a little surprised at my reaction, but commented how her kids were raised as naturists and thought nothing about being naked with the family.

Why couldn’t I have been raised that way? Life is so short, and I missed so much – too bad. But it’s wonderful to have finally found a better way to live, and especially wonderful that PJ understands and participates.

We love living, even part-time, at Olive Dell Ranch.

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