Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NEWT 2009 Freehike

“I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the 2009 Naked European Walking Tour (NEWT), August 24-28, in the Austrian Alps. (“Walking Tour” doesn’t really capture it, since it was definitely hiking.) For the first day, we were six altogether - three Brits, two Germans, and myself - but the two Germans were only out for a day hike, so for the rest of the week we were a group of four English-speakers.

The first day we climbed more than 1100 meters (3575 feet), from the little town of Golling, south of Salzburg, straight up the mountainside. We pitched camp amid cows and horses at a high pasture area called Angeralm, and for the next three days we did naked dayhikes from there to various peaks and passes.

During those three days we only saw two other persons. The wildflowers, including the deep blue gentian, were in full bloom. We were very lucky to have rain only at night -- the days were all sunny and warm, perfect for naturist hiking. It was absolutely great.

All the details of our NEWT 2009 trip (and previous editions of NEWT dating back to 2005) are at www.naktiv.net. Check it out, and start planning for next year! (Also check out the beautiful coffee-table book of naturists in action, “Active Nudists,” put together by the NEWT organizer, Richard Foley.)” – Milt

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