Sunday, October 25, 2009

Freehiking is Warmer than Clothed Hiking

Rich's Freehike to Scenic Hot Springs

The fog (or clouds) are thicker up here. The outside temperature gauge in my car says it is 46F outside. Not bad for a nude hike except for the warmth-stealing moisture of fully-saturated air. I had intended to hike up nude in any case and I saw no reason to deny myself the experience just because of some misty-looking clouds. So off I went . . . this time with the full nude-snow-hiking-backpack of clothes, food and the other paraphernalia I usually carry during cold-weather nude hikes.

The air was still which helped. By the time I reached the trailhead proper at 3,000ft, I knew I was hiking directly into the heart of a cloud latched onto the upper mountain slopes. It got heavier and moister the higher I hiked. I could feel the dew beading on my skin, but I was feeling comfortable and enjoying every moment of the slow stroll up.

I reached the springs right as the last of the day was slipping below the western ridges. Time to set myself up, pull out those trash bags to protect my gear from dew (and possible rain) . . . and get into that marvelous water to rewarm myself. Though I was by no means feeling the cold, immersion into 103F silky water has a decidedly sensuous rush to cold-tightened skin. The water was perfect!

Ken: Isn't is amazing how you can actually feel warmer freehiking than wearing clothes? Anyone else have that same experience?

I love to read Rich's descriptions of nude hikes in the Pacific Northwest. You can read more about this freehike and many others at:

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