Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - July 2009

Our day off finally arrived – it had been a long busy few days at work.

We got up early and drove up to our place at Olive Dell Ranch, arriving just in time to enjoy a naked breakfast at the restaurant; it was excellent. (We visited with Hap while eating – he’s 81 and going strong, personally remodeling his place and enjoying his nude garden - he invited us to visit.)

Then PJ went to bed as she’d worked the entire evening, and I met David for a freehike. As we hiked from the resort we talked for a few minutes with Mark and Cindy who were out working nude in their yard.

We freehiked up the Donkey Trail above the resort. We saw only one wild donkey.

(Of course you can’t tell on-line, but Mary Lou just stopped by to ask a question. She was out walking her dog, naked of course, both her and the dog, so we talked for a few minutes. Living at a nudist resort is amazing, so, back to the report.)

(By the way, she a very nice “single” lady in the 40s; a nudist resort is a great place to meet someone.)

It’s very dry now in Southern California but I still find it beautiful. The freehiking is great here. It’s wonderful to be able to hike naked from your front door. It was very hot so we really appreciated the feel of the breeze on our nude bodies. I can’t even imagine hiking any other way than free.

I picked up some white rock for the garden along the way. Dave and I talked about life. We freehiked about an hour and covered probably four miles. It was totally enjoyable. I love freehiking.

When we returned, Dave headed down to the Clubhouse to cool down (it was too hot for a game of nude tennis) and I gardened nude for a couple of hours. I moved some brush and worked on a trail. I saw a large tarantula; it was cool.

Then I walked down to the Clubhouse for a shower (I definitely needed it) and a swim in the pool.

There were quite a few people floating and talking in the pool today. Several ladies were visiting from Arizona, but it turned out they were very familiar wit Olive Dell. One was celebrating her 87th birthday. (I hope I can enjoy living at a naturist resort in my older years – it’s definitely the best place to retire. I contrast her life as a naturist with that of the residents of the senior community I manage, and there is no comparison. They are weak and sickly white and bored, with little purpose in life. She was tanned with tons of energy; her life was filled with friends and fun.)

Another of the ladies from Arizona, Jean, talked about growing up at the resort. She laughed about the boys from her high school in the 1970s who would drive up and streak “clothed” through the resort.

(When we arrived we noticed that the kids from the resort had slept out on the owner’s trampoline. They were now swimming and splashing naked with us in the pool. What a grand place to grow up.)

Well it’s about time for another freehike. Charon is now living in California, and is coming for a hike and a visit. We welcome all of our friends to visit us when they can.

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