Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wild Donkey 5k

April 21, 2009 I awoke early and drove up to Oliver Dell Ranch for a morning freehike – probably five miles. It was fun waving to a few naked members, a man loading his car and a woman leaving the chapel area, as I parked at the trailhead. The temperature was perfect, and it was so very relaxing and healthful to get some morning nude exercise.

As I hiked I thought through starting a naked 5k at Olive Dell. As far as I know this would be the first regularly scheduled naked 5k in California. I think it would be best held in April, but we could hold the first run later this year. Perhaps it could be called the “Wild Donkey 5k” at Olive Dell Ranch because I so often see wild donkeys as I hike.

Does anyone have interest in attending a nude 5k run/wlak in Southern California?

I came home totally relaxed and ready for work. I would recommend a morning freehike to all Skinny Trippers.

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