Monday, August 31, 2009

Olive Dell Resort - April 22-23, 2009

April 22, 2009 was PJ’s birthday, and today we moved our new trailer onto our site at Olive Dell – what a great birthday present! We met the fellow who delivered the trailer in Reche Canyon and he followed us into the resort. It took an hour or so for him to get it set up. We decided to remain clothed so as not to embarrass him, and although a few people could occasionally be seen walking naked at the resort below I’m not sure he noticed. I tried to let him know he was at a naturist resort as he left, but I’m not sure he understood.

We then unloaded our car, headed back for another load, ate a birthday dinner at Applebees, drove back to the resort and unloaded again, arranged the trailer, drove to the clubhouse, took a shower, soaked in the hot tub with several couples we hadn’t met before, drove back to the trailer, enjoyed looking at the lights around the valley, and went to bed – the first night in our new trailer at Olive Dell - heaven.

April 23rd: It’s early morning at Olive Dell and I’m sitting in our new trailer checking my emails and typing a Skinny Report. It’s quiet here – only an occasional bird calling. Two quail just walked across the road followed by a small bunny. PJ is sleeping. We’re all naked. It’s about time to get dressed in socks and tennis shoes and take a freehike.

It was misty and a little cold when I started my morning freehike up Olive Dell Ranch’s Wild Donkey (Wild Ass?) Trail just before 8:00 am, but after a mile I was warm enough to fully enjoy the hike. The trail may be a little long, but I think it would make a perfect 5k run as it winds up to the top of a hill, around a mountain, and back down to the resort. An observer at the bottom would be able to see the runners most of the way. I heard wild donkeys braying, and two wild donkey’s watched me from the ridge all the way – I passed within 50 yards of them near the top. (It was hard to tell from their expressions what they thought of a naked hiker.) On the way back I saw four other donkeys walking down the ridge. I also saw four rabbits and a flock of quail on this morning’s hike. I just love to freehike! And it’s such great exercise. I’ve lost 15 pounds over the last month, and feel much healthier.

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