Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Olive Del Ranch - March 2009

PJ and I decided to spend Monday morning at Olive Del – our day off. Our purpose was to find out more about what the resort was like and discuss what it might cost to live there, and off course to get in a little naked time.

It took less than 20 minutes to drive to the resort from our place in Redlands (less than 10 miles). The manager gave us a tour of the clubhouse, dining room, pool, and spa, and we were then introduced to the owner, Bobby, who showed us the trailer sites that were available and explained the costs involved in living at the resort full-time. Bobby explained that staying at Olive Del involved these costs:

Yearly membership - $365
Monthly rental cost - $285
Monthly utilities – about $50

We could move in immediately and could stay the entire month without needing to leave for a week (the policy at Glen Eden). We fell in love with one of the available sites. It was shaded by two tall trees, with an already existing deck and storage shed pad. It had a great view of the resort and the hills beyond. The lot also had large rocks and existing plants.

After looking over the site, we took a half hour freehike to check out the area surrounding the resort. We freehiked to the trailhead from the available site in about three minutes. The available hiking area beyond was large and included at least six miles with many trails for hours of hiking. It would be easy to take a morning hike for exercise without getting dressed or driving anywhere. The hiking is not as extensive as De Anza, but it’s very good for a small resort close to home.

It all looked great as can be seen from these photos: http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/olivedel309

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