Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Olive Dell Insights - April 2 & 3, 2009

April 2nd: Thursday evening we drove up to Olive Dell Ranch after work – we needed to get away and relax from a very stressful week, and outdoors, out of clothes is the best way to relax.

Natural Encounters – I decided to take a freehike to unwind while PJ enjoyed her time lounging on the deck by the clubhouse. I grabbed my pack and headed up the trail dressed only in shoes and socks. As always, the breeze felt wonderful. After a few minutes hiking my cell phone rang – my business partner was calling to wish PJ and I a happy anniversary. As I hiked along talking with him I passed a woman on a horse riding the opposite direction. I nodded. She didn’t react at all to my being nude.

Along the way I encountered lots of wildlife – lizards, butterflies, beetles, several flocks of quail, and even a rattlesnake (the first I’ve ever seen while freehiking). Experiencing nature in a natural way is the best part of freehiking.

The trail wound its way to the top of a hill - the hills and valleys spread out beautifully – you could see the entire resort below. Someone had placed a picnic table at the top - this would be an ideal place to eat a lunch while enjoying the feel of the breeze and sun on your skin. After an hour hike, I returned to eat a picnic meal on the deck with PJ, and to soak in the spa.

There were few people about as it was a little cool, but we did meet Sheri weeding a garden, as well as Dave and Jim. After two hours of shear enjoyment and relaxation, we dressed and returned to our place in Redlands. It will be so very nice to have our trailer at the resort so we can stay over – soon.

April 3rd: The weather Friday was cool, but we still visited the resort and had a nice soak in the spa. We enjoyed a nice dinner in the restaurant – nude of course. We met Mark and Sherie while eating. He writes for a 4-wheeler magazine, and she sells Avon. They’ve lived at Olive Dell about a year. They have fixed their place up nicer than anyone else at the resort.

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