Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Olive Del Insights - April 15-16, 2009

Wednesday, April 15th, we had the day off. PJ was exhausted from 36 hours of straight work, and the weather was very cool anyway, so I drove to Olive Dell alone to install the remaining steps off our garden hill. After two hours of hard but enjoyable naked gardening, I drove to the clubhouse to take a shower and soak for a few minutes in the hot tub. Then I headed back home. I got a little burnt, but loved my few naked hours away from work.

On Thursday, April 16th, I left about 8:00 am for an early freehike at Olive Dell – 20 minutes away. I hiked the loop trail, perhaps four or five miles around. Beautiful scenery, views of the canyon and the resort. The hike took about an hour. On the way I scared up a flock of quail, saw a coyote, and counted (and heard) 19 wild donkeys. It was a very pleasant day, and great exercise. It’s so wonderful to be able to take a freehike before work.

During my morning freehike at Olive Dell I got to thinking – Olive Dell doesn’t have a nude run/walk. In fact, I’m not sure any resort in California holds one. And Olive Dell’s terrain and weather is ideal for a spring bare run. I’m sure they would be interested in hosting one.

Is anyone out there interested in attending if we get a nude 5k run/walk started?

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