Thursday, August 13, 2009

Olive Dell Insights - March 2009

Kimmy stepped out of her place to meet us at our car our first day at Olive Dell - very brown and unconsciously naked - nice lady.

We met with Olive Dell’s owner, Bobby, in his trailer to sign up as members. Bobby was nude the entire time. It was totally relaxed and natural – nice guy.

We’ve soaked in the hot tub with a number of members – Pat, Timothy, David, Mike, Larry, Harry. Everyone seems nice.

The showers are nice – not as good as Glen Eden – but nice.

We talked with many members on the deck – Craig, Kelly, Don, Kathy, Diane, Sue, Mary, Harry, David, Mary Lou, and others – all friendly. From the site we hope to rent , the sun sets beautifully in the mouth of the canyon. We can hardly wait lounging naked on our deck watching the sun set.

They were shooting a movie about a naturist resort several times when we visited Olive Dell in March. The production crew was clothed, yet we felt comfortable walking among them nude – interesting. It was also interesting to watch the young male and female actors performing naked.

We talked with a young man who was in charge of lighting. He said he would probably visit nudist resorts in the future where he lived – Seattle. It was nice eating a naked pot luck meal with members at the resort. We met a young couple who played Karaoke for a living.

We talked a long time at the spa with Timothy – a red-haired Scotsman/Irishman. He says he's the Head of the MacNiell clan, and owns a castle on Barra, an island of the Outer Hebrides (see ). He was raised a naturist. He is also an actor (we’ve seen him on TV), and a dancer. He’s lived at Glen Eden when he’s not in Scotland for four years - very interesting guy.

PJ really enjoyed meeting and talking with Mary Lou who is a home health-care provider for several elderly women. She is moving to Olive Dell full-time.

From the pool you can see beautifully blooming Red Apple and several varieties of Ice Plant growing on the hillside just below our site. Ken can hardly wait to start his nude garden.
We plan on having an open house (open trailer?) when we purchase a trailer and move it to the site. On that note, we’ve been shopping for a trailer though money’s still certainly a question; the dealers asked where we would move it. We said Olive Dell. No one seems to know where that is, or more interestingly what that is. We can hardly wait to get one and help them move it to our site at the nudist resort. We simply have to help them do that nude!

The hills are very green – I’m sure they will soon turn brown. Oh well, brown is beautiful too – naked brown.

Preparing to live at Olive Dell just feels right. Our site is perfect. PJ and I love it, and each other. Life is wonderful and amazing. Olive Dell has a small grassy area with a cross set up for religious services. PJ and I have talked about having services there on Sundays. That seems a good thing to do.

It’s so very interesting to drive by trailers and have naked men and women unconsciously wave to us.

We’ve been cooped up in clothes at work too much lately. Feeling a light breeze and the sun caressing our naked bodies while lying on a lounge on the patio feels so wonderful!

Our freehike at Olive Dell was short, but we can tell from the great terrain that it’s but the first of many wonderful hikes. We are excited about freehiking exercise; we love it; we need it.

On the phone the greeter, Diane, referred to us as “the old couple with the Jaguar,” when talking to her husband Chuck. I guess that’s true, but they’ll never live that down. They were naked by the front gate watching the making of the movie one afternoon when we arrived.

When visiting another late afternoon/evening, we immediately undressed – everything except shoes and socks – and headed up the trail for a freehike. The weather was just breezy enough to keep or naked bodies comfortable. As we hiked we observed many branch trails we’ll certainly hike in the future. The dirt path was bordered by several varieties of brush. Blue and yellow flowers filled spots in between. We hiked to the top of a hill. In the valley below we could see Redlands, Yucaipa, and San Bernardino. The LDS temple spire rose above Redlands. We took several photos, including some longer-distance photos of Olive Dell, to which we returned after about an hour. This was a totally enjoyable nude hike, and great exercise.

We then drove our car naked to the clubhouse area. There we showered and headed to the spa where we soaked our tired muscles.

At first, no one else was using the spa on this Tuesday evening. A short time later two young ladies arrived (16 & 5). The oldest talked about her experiences being raised a naturist her entire life. About a dozen kids of various ages live at Olive Dell, or ofyen come to the resort with their parents. She is being home schooled currently, but used to attend school in Redlands; she had invited her friends to the resort in the past and one had come. Her family situation was not great, but we envied her chance to grow up as a naturist.

Later Pat joined us in the spa. She’s quit a talker. We now know everything about her love life.
After soaking a good hour – too long – we got out and said “Hi” to several other members on the deck. We met Bobby and explained that we would have our trailer in a few weeks. He said he’d be sure to get the site ready.

So ended another short but enjoyable visit to Olive Dell – the last visit of March. Here is a link to photos of our visits during March:

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