Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wellsville Mountains Freehike - June 2008

We talked with Popeye and Bangles at the nude swim on June 14th (by the way, it’s always enjoyable and relaxing floating on noodles and talking to good naked friends at the swim, held twice a month in Salt Lake City) and decided it would be nice to take a group hike the up-coming Friday (June 20th), especially as it was the day before national Nude Hiking Day. We choose the Wellsville Mountains, as the spring had come late and we hoped the wildflowers might still be out.

We sent out an email invite and got a surprisingly large response, so on Friday morning we met at exit 315 in Woods Cross (and in Layton, and at the summit of Sardine Canyon) to share rides. The hikers were Ken, PJ, Lee, Popeye, Bangles, Steve, Dawn, Steve, Don (his first nude group freehike), and Lary.

From Sardine Canyon summit we drove down the dirt road (the old main road into Cache Valley) and stopped by the old fence at the trailhead. We changed into our hiking duds (kilts, wraps, shorts, t-shirts, etc.) by the vehicles since the first few blocks of the old dirt road trail are up hill and can be seen from the main (and somewhat busy) dirt road, but soon we reached the first few shrub maple trees where we could safely undress.

As always, the sun felt wonderful on our nude bodies. A few pretty clouds floated above us in the sky. There was very little breeze so the temperature was quit warm. It would have been sweaty-miserable hiking clothed, but it felt great hiking free. Freehiking is such a wonderful activity, especially with good friends who enjoy conversing along the way.

After the first short steeper area, the trail levels out and proceeds through several beautiful, green, high-mountain valleys. We hoped to see vast fields of yellow Mulesear wildflowers, but we had just missed the main bloom. Still, the few remaining flowers rewarded us with their beauty. We hiked though one valley and up a slope to an area where quit a few flowers remained. And took some group photos (see trip photos at: )

After hiking for several miles we had to turn around earlier than anticipated when we noticed some new cabins in the distance. It looks like development might soon spoil at least part of this wonderful freehiking trail (what a shame). So we returned to the vehicles.

Everyone agreed this was a wonderful freehike. As always, it was sad to return and have to get dressed. Freehiking – the best way to hike on a warm summer day, or anytime for that matter.

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