Saturday, August 22, 2009

Olive Dell Insights - April 11, 2009

At Olive Dell Resort on Saturday April 11, 2009 we spent about three hours preparing the rock garden at the site we will soon inhabit. PJ cleaned out some recesses in the rocks where she plans to build a “little people” village. I built the top half of a path and stairway through the rocks and down the hill. It felt great to be gardening again in my favorite nude uniform. And at Olive Dell you completely forget that you are naked. Sweating and exercising and feeling the breeze while gardening without clothing is one of life’s most wonderful pleasures. It’s such a shame that so few modern people experience this simple, natural joy.

After reaching a healthy level of exhaustion we drove down to the clubhouse, took a shower, and soaked in the spa – ah, how warm water relaxes sore muscles.

Then, without any need to get dressed, we went to the restaurant for a tasty lunch. While eating we visited with Mark and learned that he was a photographer so after lunch we visited his trailer to view some of his photos. PJ also shared some of her photos on the Internet.

Later in the afternoon we joined a small group of people in the spa. Over time the spa filled with 25 people – many who we hadn’t previously met, and several first-time couples. Most interesting, three older children (9 and 10) joined us. They were received naturally without comment and were very well behaved. They enjoyed running from the spa to the (cold) pool where they jumped high into the air and landed with a splash – no swimming suits and no anxiousness about enjoying the water naked with several dozen adults.

A sixteen year old girl was also soaking. She’d grown up at Olive Dell – lucky girl.

One fellow who lived at Olive Dell with his 18 year old daughter told us an amusing story. His daughter had met a nice young man, and had told him she was a naturist and lived at Olive Dell. He looked confused because as a youth he had read in a National Geographic magazine that nude people where cannibals. So he assumed her family must be cannibals too. She invited him to visit the resort and eat dinner with her family, who had learned of the cannibal misunderstanding, so when he entered the trailer her dad met the boyfriend naked, holding out a large knife and fork. The boyfriend, thinking he was on the menu, rushed from the trailer screaming. They all had a good laugh after the girl got him calmed down. The boy friend is now becoming used to naturism and has joined in.

After eating a wonderful dinner in the restaurant it was time again to leave. We are definitely feeling more at home at Olive Dell. As one lady commented during dinner, when you enter Olive Dell you come home to a totally different, safer world. We’re really beginning to feel that too.


  1. Great blog! Olive Dell sounds like a great place. You've certainly got me thinking about freekiking now.

  2. Olive Dell feels like our real home, as PJ says, "Our happy place." If you're ever in the area you're welcome to visit and freehike with us.