Monday, August 24, 2009

Freehiking and Youths

The Political Naturist: I have been fortunate enough to freehike at Ohio's Cedar Trials, which has 5 miles of paths, and after feeling the freedom of not having sweaty clothes clinging to my skin, and feeling the cool breeze instead, I think it's weird that anyone would ever want to hike wearing textiles. Freehiking could be one of the keys to getting the next generation interested in naturism. Next to sunbathing, swimming and beach volleyball, it's the recreational activity that makes the most sense being done in the nude.

KenFreehiker: Exactly right - great insight. Group freehiking was one of the primary activities in which German people participated at the beginning of the modern naturist movement. Perhaps organizing youth freehiking groups again could reenergize naturism?

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