Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Birthday Freehike - Sept. 2008

PJ let the cat out of the bag; my birthday freehike was planned as a surprise party, but how could she get me there without letting me know at least a little about what was going to happen, so I was able to savor the idea of a birthday freehike for several days before the actual event. What a great gift from an amazingly loving wife and some special friends. Thanks PJ!

We met at Lee’s house in Tooele Utah, waited until Popeye, Bangles, and Jan arrived, and then headed to a trail we’d hiked several other times on the south end of the Ouirrh mountains.

Soon we were comfortably naked hiking a fun trail through junipers and pinions. The day was beautiful with light cloud cover so the sun warmed our naked bodies nicely on this late September day. It was a perfect time and a perfect place – a perfect birthday freehike.

Except for dropping back to take a few photos, I mostly lead the way to keep PJ from setting a pace a little to fast for her old hubby. The six of us talked and enjoyed each other’s company, surrounded by nature, at one as friends, naked, unashamed, hiking and exercising as God intended.

Up and down the hills we hiked, some a little steep, but never too difficult; it was perfect.

Soon we reached on old, abandoned cabin at the end of the trail. We dubbed it the “Skinny Tripper” cabin. Perhaps we could camp naturally there in the future. Jan helped pose PJ in an old window and I took some fun nude-model photos. You can see these photos and others I took on this hike at:

Then we turned back. We took some more nice photos of the group and couples as we enjoyed the expansive views of the valley below. After about two hours of hiking we returned to the vehicles, tired, but reluctant to get dressed – the hardest part of the hike.

We returned to Lee’s house for home-made pizza, salad, cake and ice cream – Lee’s a great cook and a great catch for an interested single naturist woman. (Don’t tell him I said this.) And before long we had to return to our place in Ogden.

Thanks for the wonderful birthday freehike, it was the best birthday ever, and thanks to all those who care. Naturists are the best.

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