Monday, August 17, 2009

Morning Freehike - April 2009

It was misty and a little cold when I started my morning freehike up Olive Dell Ranch’s Wild Donkey (Wild Ass?) Trail just before 8:00 am, but after a mile I was warm enough to fully enjoy the hike. The trail would make a perfect 5k run as it winds up to the top of a hill, around a mountain, and back down to the resort. An observer at the bottom would be able to see the runners most of the way.

I heard wild donkeys braying, and two wild donkey’s watched me from the ridge all the way – I passed within 50 yards of them near the top. (It was hard to tell from their expressions what they thought of a naked hiker.) On the way back I saw four other donkeys walking down the ridge. I also saw four rabbits and a flock of quail on this morning’s hike.

I just love to freehike! And it’s such great exercise. I’ve lost 15 pounds over the last month, and feel much healthier.

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