Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sand Dune Experience

“So now allow me to share my "First Naturist Sand Dune Experience" . . . if you haven't tried this already, you DON'T know what you are missing. PERIOD! If you have only played in sand dunes while clothed before, let me just tell you that you will never want to go clothed again once you have tried it naked!

After walking into the dunes for a while, we picked out a nice little sand valley that we would call our playground for the afternoon. Two fairly large ridges of sand on either side surrounded a small level area in the middle, about the length of a basketball court. Our own private sand paradise. I put up the beach umbrella and helped the kids out of their clothes. It was so nice not to have to worry about what sand got where - and how to get rid of it. There were no waistbands to protect from the grit, just lots and lots of sand. The surface of the sand was warm, but underneath it was cool. Our kids reveled in this new and wonderfully different environment. Our son turned a large section of unused sand into a giant canvas on which he drew his favorite subject - a big train. Our daughter was content to scramble up and down the side of a hill of sand and scoot down it on her belly.

One of the effects of sand hills is the seeming ability to defy gravity. You can charge down the side of a hill at full speed, and make huge leaps outward and downward. On a sand hill, a ten or fifteen foot drop feels like nothing at all - except for the brief rush of acceleration. For a little while I was witness to true artistry and the beauty of bodies in motion - my daughter and me, taking a casual stroll along the ridge of a high sand dune. It was a priceless moment.

Leaving the sand was much easier than it could have been. We picked up our clothes and towels, gave them shake, and then marched UNCLOTHED back to our car.” – Alan Palmer

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