Sunday, August 9, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch Visit & Freehike - Feb. 2007

One weekend in February, 2007, when we PJ and I were living at Glen Eden, we decided to visit Olive Del Ranch in the hills above Riverside California. We visited a clothing store in Moreno Valley on the way to look for cloth for PJ’s business. Then we drove up into the hills. After a short ½ drive we arrived at Olive Dell Ranch. The resort is small, with quite a few trailers. This is a place where families can live full-time (not common) and we found out later that they have a very active youth program for the 12 kids of all ages who live there.

We took a tour of the resort with the owner – a younger man who had recently taken over ownership and management from his father. He explained that the resort was the oldest in California; it just hadn’t grown as some of the larger resorts like Glen Eden. The tour was short as the facilities are modest, older, but pleasant. The resort has a small clubhouse where the youth group was meeting, a dining room where we ate lunch, a pool (not heated), and a nice hot tub. There are some small guest cabins, and a new tennis court. There were a few regulars sitting at tables on the deck eating lunch.

After the tour we decided to take a freehike. The resort sits near the top of some high hills, has lots of acreage, and borders public land. The owner had explained that it was safe to freehike anywhere above the resort as people we might meet were used to seeing naked hikers. We freehiked to the top of a hill above the resort and took a few photos of the resort and valley below (see photos at : ). You could see many of the towns in the Inland Empire from the hill, including Redlands and the Redland’s LDS Temple.

We continued freehiking for a long way along the hills into public land. It’s a very nice freehiking resort. Two mountain bikers did drive right past us while we were enjoying the view. Nakedness didn’t seem to bother them at all, and we found out later they were two of the teenagers who lived at the resort.

After we returned from our freehike we enjoyed a relaxing soak in the spa talking with a member of the resort who visited most weekends. He explained that the resort was usually quite, with few organized activities like karaoke, except for a few special weekends each summer.

Soon it was time to dress and leave as we only planned to stay the day. We enjoyed our visit to Olive Dell Ranch and would recommend the resort for someone who wanted to enjoy some quite, relaxing naked time with fewer people, and some very good freehiking. We suspect the busy weekend events would be great. It's very good for naturist families.

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