Friday, August 21, 2009

Olive Dell Insights - April 4, 2009

Saturday we spent the day at Olive Dell. We arrived by lunchtime and ate a naked burrito in the restaurant. Then we drove to our future site to weed and plan a garden. After an hour or so of good exercise weeding, two youngsters came by to see what we were doing. They were a little concerned that we might be ruining their club area amongst the rocks below our site. It was most interesting to see how completely unconcerned they were visiting with two naked adults. We often see the kids who live at the resort.

After weeding we drove down to the clubhouse to shower off the dirt and to soak in the spa. Again it was nice to soak and visit with others.

Then, PJ laid in the sun by the pool while I freehiked to the top of the highest hill above the resort. The view of the valley below was spectacular with all of Redlands and San Bernardino below. I returned just in time to again soak my tired muscles in the spa. I think I’ll post a flyer inviting others to join me on my freehikes.

I loved and needed this day’s exercise. I will be able to step out the trailer door to garden naked. I can freehike right from our site. This is exactly what I’ve needed. It’s so easy to get lazy and gain too much weight in the normal world – it’s just not healthy. The ability to hike and garden free is exactly what I need to live a healthy lifestyle. I think everyone should consider getting in a situation where this is possible. I just wish I’d found it much sooner.

Is anyone interested in visiting us here at Olive Dell?

We’ve met several people who have lived at Olive Dell for years. The oldest current member joined in 1958. As I came back from my freehike, I met and talked briefly with Al and Missy as they barbequed nude. They’ve lived as naturists at Olive Dell for over 50 years. We soaked with David who has lived continuously at the resort for 25 years. We met a young couple who just had a new baby. The mom was raised at the resort. We’ve met several teenagers who have been raised as naturists at the resort. Sure it’s not perfect; it’s a world apart, but in my estimation, a very good way to live.

We ate a nude dinner in the restaurant in the evening. I had stuffed Bell Peppers – they were very tasty.

Then we drove to our future site to watch the sun set. As it slowly set right in the “v” of the canyon it turned into a beautiful orange ball. We have the best site in the entire resort.

We returned to soak in the spa while we waited for karaoke to start. Quit a few people were soaking as well. Naturists are enjoyable people.

At 9:00 pm we enjoyed singing nude karaoke with some of our new friends. The KJ, David, has an amazing voice. Only seven people attended so we got to sing lots.

At 11:00 pm it was time for us to leave because we had to work first thing in the morning. We came away from our visit to the resort totally relaxed. We’re still feeling very comfortable with our decision to have a naturist home away from work.

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