Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Simple Things - Driving Nude

“I support the philosophy that, as naturists, we should promote, educate and participate in our lifestyle and be nude wherever and whenever possible. That's why I also drive nude 90% of the time. We are currently on vacation and I have been driving nude most everywhere. There have been a couple times, on this trip, that I have had to wear clothes the entire time, such as, driving from our hotel room to the restaurant for dinner. But anytime I can wear something that is easily slipped on and off, I'm driving naked most of the time. . . it's just who I am and how I prefer to be - all of the time! . . . believe 100% in your lifestyle and it's unharmful nature . . . doing simple things, like driving nude . . . [shows] who we are and what we do every day as a normal way of life.” - FP

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