Monday, August 15, 2011

Nude Diving is Comfortable

Like the following people, I also find nude driving more comfortable. How about you?


“Last year my wife and I spent a week at PennMar, which has a MD address but is physically in PA. When we left there we drove to White Thorn which is located west of Pittsburg. I drove the distance of about 250 miles naked. It was in the daytime and we were in a 27 foot motor home which is the height of a truck. I put my towel wrap, which has a velcro waist snap, on the seat so that if necessary I could close it. Only once when going through a toll booth did I feel it necessary to cover up. Actually I was high enough so that the lady in the booth could not see into the vehicle. It was fun to get out at White Thorn properly dressed for the resort.” – Camera

“I have driven nude several times to the local park where I play soccer and tennis. I find that it is a lot more comfortable. I have never been pulled over by the police, however, I am lot more conscious about my speed and driving carefully when I am nude, so as not to get pulled over. I also happen to have a black car with tinted windows that are very dark, I'm not sure I would be comfortable doing it any other car.” – Jack4611

“Drove north up the eastern side of CO nude. Not much around and not much traffic. It was enjoyable and helped keep down the boredom.” - Knude

“On my recent trip up to Vermont for a week long naturist vacation, I drove in the nude both ways, except for the first few miles [on] the eight lane commuter road that encircles Boston - too much traffic there that requires my full attention - a distance of around 200 miles each way. Most definitely, a pleasant way to spend the miles and get into the mood for not needing any clothes for a week spent with five other like-minded folk. . . it is difficult, while approaching another vehicle, to observe with any detail . . . Only when one is directly alongside, and generally only from a very tall cab like that of an 18 wheeler tractor, and then most likely for only a fleeting moment if the angles are exactly right, is it possible to see into the laps of occupants of a normal hardtop vehicle. And most travelers probably don't make a practice of scrutinizing the interior of passing vehicles . . . So for us guys, not too much of a problem from a practical everyday standpoint. Perhaps a bit different for the women, but probably not insurmountable. Anyway, I was comfortable and the drive was uneventful.” - FreewalkerMA

“Just returned from a vacation where I drove approximately 470 miles each way to and from my destination naked. I only pulled shorts up/on for rest stops and refueling. On the way to my destination, I was surprised as I think I was passed by another naked driver. I saw him appear to reach for a cover-up as he passed me, but he was definitely shirtless like I was. A combination of traffic and a bad storm prevented me from verifying that he was also naked, but I am fairly sure he was. It was fun to have run across a like-minded driver. Had no other encounters or incidents on either leg of the trip and it made the long drive a little more enjoyable.” - NBD

“After we packed the van at the club in Idaho, we headed back into WA state. Being that I had been nude for the past 8 days, the last thing I wanted to do was get dressed. So I didn't bother. The several hour drive from N. Idaho into central WA was great. The only time I got my shorts and T-shirt on was when we stopped for fuel and lunch in WA. Finally put shorts back on when we were just about to enter the campground in WA which was textile. Felt good to drive in the warm air nude, as it always does.” – Fuzzybare

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