Tuesday, August 9, 2011

British Nude Driver

“I’m a nudist and have been for as long as I can remember, and as a nudist I love driving in the nude whenever I can, and as my job is driving I drive naked quite a lot during the summer . . . I'd just keep something handy to cover me in slow moving town traffic. Last summer I drove to the south of France for a holiday at a nude camp site, I couldn’t stay naked on the ferry between Britain and France but I could at least drive to and from the ferry in the nude, and did just that. . . It was mid-afternoon when I pulled into the quiet filling station . . . I stopped for the night in a quiet layby and managed to have a meal and a hot drink at the open boot of my car in the nude, I then opened up my sleeping bag and lowered the front passenger seat and settled down for the night. Early the next morning I went to the boot again and made myself a hot coffee still naked and drank it before filling a flask and setting off to complete my journey, arriving at the campsite mid-morning, as this was a nude campsite there was no problem checking in naked and I spent the next two weeks enjoying the sun at the site and the nearby beach completely naked.” - Barearse

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