Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Anyone else enjoyed driving nude this summer?

“Driving naked need not have anything to do exhibitionism. I've driven naked in the past and very rarely, if ever, can anyone see that you are naked or bothers to look. Most drivers are paying more attention to the road or their cell phone. I've taken a towel with me to cover when I feel like a truck passing on the left might be able to see me. Anymore, I just don't see the point.” - Roger

“I recently drove nude from Heber to Las Vegas. Unfortunately I was alone but it was still very enjoyable. I kept a pair of shorts and a T on the seat beside me just in case, and for the two stops I made along the way I stopped short of the gas stations and got dressed. I highly recommend the experience to others.” - BB

“You know you were right about people not noticing another person in another car. Most times it’s a glance and then Back to driving. I've been driving for a few years now with nothing on - going to and from work. It is the most aware time I have in my hectic day. I keep something to cover up But I do things to make it so that happens less often - always find roads less used - two lanes are preferable. If you need to go on a wider road, stay in the outside lane. Always wear a seatbelt. Maintain your speed to the speed limit. Be courteous of others. When you’re not making a scene, and drawing attention to yourself, the law and others leave you alone to go about your business. I’m lucky in that I have a truck. I sit up higher than most. It has a fold down middle console so when I don’t want others seeing in, I put it down. I’ve driven in big cities, busy cities, on the freeway, etc. As long as I am aware of others. I've had no problems. I feel that Naturists have a responsibility to be aware of others.” - Kevin.

“My friend Kelly lives less than a mile from me. She will drive over here nude. Last year, She would drive home wearing just a towel. Toward the end of last summer, she would just drive nude. Since the weather has been warm, we are able to sunbathe. She now just drives over nude. She does have a cover-up just in case. They built a pool at her house, so later today I will drive over to her house nude too.” - MidGANudist (Woman)

“I've driven in a car for 30+ miles bottomless while my wife sitting next to me was completely nude as was her older sister in the back seat. When we got home we all got out and very casually walked inside our house after chatting for a bit outside in the front yard (it was mostly dark out) without even covering up and of course we stayed nude once inside. Driving nude, either partially or completely, is awesome!“ – EP User

“I lived in PA and worked in NY City for 3 years. At first I took the bus everyday but when the company gave me a car I would drive. With traffic it would take almost 3 hours going home. I am a nudist and decided why not drive nude. I started to disrobe as the sun set and would drive nude most nights. I always wondered if anyone knew but since I only did that at night then I guess not. I have driven nude during the day since but not from NY.” – NakedMarine

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