Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nude Diving - An Obligation

Nude driving feels wonderful, both physically and mentally. But nude driving is much more than just feeling good. Whenever possible, I drive nude because I feel obligated to do so. Why? Because I am a naturist.

Naturists believe that the body as God created it is good, not something of which to be ashamed. Clothes are unnecessary distractions. Naturist practice normalizes the body physically, mentally, and spiritually, so it’s very healthy. Beside naturism is fun and relaxing.

Of course, so as not to infringe on others, PJ and I turned our car into a traveling nudist resort - installing window coverings and having cover-ups close at hand to keep people from looking and being shocked by our naturalness. We're naturists, not exhibitionists after all.

So recently I drove nude from Little Rock to Rogers, AR, and also from Tulsa, OK, to Phoenix, AZ. As a naturist I felt obligated to do so - just one more aspect of being true to my beliefs about living life as it ought to be lived. But it was of course much more than an obligation. It felt wonderful.


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  1. In India nudity is a shame. nobody look upon it well. 'cause no attitude towards it developed during our 65 years independence. home nudity is very good for health and proper brain function. of-course its a mind set. i think shy people go for it. may be loner, what do you think?