Saturday, August 13, 2011

Always More Nude Drivers

"I try to drive naked as often as I can in the warm weather. Living in New England the seasons do limit you somewhat. But when I do drive naked I have found that no one really even looks at you for the most part. I don't think people can see you inside. I have a smaller SUV, but there are many more vehicles higher than mine, especially big trucks. It's a great feeling of freedom." - Dalancino

"I love driving naked! . . . I visit Blacks Beach during the summer and after spending the day naked I can’t help not driving home naked. I sit on a beach towel just in case I have to cover up. It's a two hour drive back home and I also have to pass through the Border Patrol check point. I figure if I was to be stopped. I'll just warp the towel around me and explain that I just spent the day at the beach and didn’t want to drive home in a wet swim suite!" – Rudedog

"I went down to New York today and on my way back, right after I passed back over the border into Canada, I pulled off on a side road in the country, got out of my truck and stripped down naked right in the road, and drove all the way home like that. It felt awesome. Sun was shining brightly. When I was off the highway, I had the windows down too to enjoy the fresh air." - Always Naked

"One time I was driving naked in a VW with a sun roof. I was stopped at a stop light when a trucker pulled up beside me. He could look directly down from his cab through my sun roof. He laughed and told me I looked pretty comfortable. Usually I have a towel on the seat beside me, but hadn't expected a situation like this. I just laughed and said, 'yep.'" - BobBare

"Last summer I was doing the bi-weekly commute from the Willamette valley to Fresno. That piece of I-5 thru the Central Valley can get HOT! Then my A/C failed. Nothing to do but roll down the windows and strip off. And who ever heard of getting arrested in California for being nude? After that it became the routine for the trip and as I usually arrived after dark I never bothered to dress when walking into my apartment either." - Rancid

"Well, got my first naked driving in for the year. Since it was wet outside this morning, I took the truck to work . . . since it was warm out I decided to do it au-naturel. Grabbed some clothes & shoes, along with my lunch, and I jumped in the car. I drove the speed limit & made sure to come to complete stops everywhere, just to avoid getting pulled over for some stupid reason. . . at work we have to park a bit away and take a shuttle bus in. Since I was naked, I pulled into the far end corner of the parking lot so I could get dressed first. This of course adds time onto my trip home, since I have to go all the way to the back corner, but worth it for the drive in." - RoofTop

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