Friday, August 5, 2011

Lots of Nude Drivers

Do you get the feeling that nearly everyone wants to drive nude? I at least wish it were so. Here are even more people who love the experience.


“I drove 348 miles naked. When I had to stop for gas my girlfriend put her clothes back on and I just put a towel over me till we left. When we got home I just wrapped the towel around me till I got in the apartment. It sure was fun and relaxing.” – Thifes

“I have driven nude several times (at least once a week). It really feels great to not have any constrictions except for a seatbelt. When I drive nude I am much more aware of my surroundings!! I love the feeling!!!!” – Txpopi

“I love driving naked whenever I can, although I am being very careful, there are lots of 4-wheel drivers, trucks etc., and they can all look down on you! But the feeling is sensational, I just love it. I always keep a towel handy . . . But when you are on the open road or on a highway, there is nothing better!” - Peter

“I got the late night munchies so I ran out to McDonalds. On the way back I was driving down the two lane road with no cars so I slipped off the shorts. It was nice to drive in the cool night air in the buff” – Jasonbb

“I enjoyed a 2 hour skinny road trip today, only dressed for about 5 minutes to walk in and get parts for truck. then removed clothes again for return trip. Slid a shirt over my lap when a officer was directing traffic on the Yellow line at a construction sight. I believe he had more things to worry about than me at the moment. With traffic, 95 degrees outside and sweating like, might I say "a pig" little ole me staying cool was not on his list of priorities.” – NudistJohn


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