Friday, August 12, 2011

Guido's Naked Triathlon

"I had the opportunity to get away for a nice 'Naked Triathlon' on Tueaday, the triathlon consisting of driving, hiking, and biking in the buff. . . Pulled out of the driveway and took off my pants before I got to the freeway. Drove naked all the way up to the mountain, where I had to wear pants for a few minutes . . . Then I crossed the street to start my hike, and the pants came off again soon thereafter. . . I ran into a hiking couple. We were all startled because we met at a bend in the trail where we could not see or hear each other beforehand. They didn't say anything. An hour or so later, another group of three came my way, so they also got to see some 'wildlife'. They said hi and continued, and so did I. . .

The trail then continues through the campground . . . where I had stashed my bike. I packed all my clothes into the backpack and returned biking nude, a first for me. . . When I rode along the big lake, I stopped on a high spot to take a look around and enjoy the completely deserted area. But hey, what about those three folks across the lake from me that were starting at me? Well, I guess they saw some wildlife, too. . . I finally arrived at the car, naked the whole time, even on the county road. Packed up my bike and returned driving nude all the way to my driveway.

An afterthought: Different from all previous hikes, I wore a pair of small sports shorts rather than hiking shorts (much less fabric), so I was able to tuck the shorts under the hip belt of my backpack. That way they would be available quickly if I needed them. It turned out that, instead of making me feel more comfortable, this actually made me more paranoid about human encounters – just because I had access to the pants. The shorts are usually inside my backpack and thus more difficult to get to. And because it takes longer to retrieve the shorts from the pack, I usually can't do anything anyway when meeting people, so there's less reason to worry. Strange logic, but that's the way I feel about it. Will keep the shorts in the backpack next time." - Guidoh2

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