Thursday, August 18, 2011

Are You a Home Nudist Too?

PJ and I are home nudists, as are the following people. Are you a home nudist too?


“I have never liked clothes. When I do go clothes shopping it takes me hours. I just don't like them. When I get home from work the clothes come off. I love the feel of my naked body against the nice crisp clean sheets and the air coming in through the window onto my naked skin. We live out in the middle of nowhere and we have warned the ranchers in the area that if we are outside when they come up to yell so we can get something on if we are out in the back pasture. My husband shares this with me. We will run around the farm all day long in the nude. We have a pond we are trying to get started and I can't wait to go skinny dipping. Going out into the rain in the nude is great too. The human body is so beautiful I don't know why any of us have to wear clothes anyway.” – Rondat (woman)

“I too love to relax without clothes and often do. I own a house and have deemed it a clothing optional place. Everyone is welcome to dress or undress to their comfort. We mostly relax, talk, watch TV without wearing clothes. It is too bad society prevents this. I believe if nudity was legal, people would have much less hang ups.” - Nudydude

“I’ve hated clothes since my teenage years and that’s a while back (40 years!). I regularly go walking in our lovely countryside shoes only (and sometimes barefoot too!), and am nude at home - can't see any logic in wearing clothes indoors.” – Naturistmike

“I have been a closet nudist since I was a teenager. I slept in the nude and when I got home from school. If I was alone, I would spend my after school hours completely naked while I did my homework, read or worked on my hobbies. I continue to shed my clothes the minute I get home.” – Laidbacknudist

“I walk around the house naked. I sleep naked. If I could I would go to school naked . . . I'm mad that guys can walk around shirtless, but us females have to suffer. I'm hittin those nude beaches every day! I mean we came in this world naked right; well I want to be buried naked, even if I am an old saggy wrinkly old old old lady.” – Princesschanel


  1. Hi, yes I am a home nudist. What does that mean to me? Well, I sleep nude and have done so for 40+ years. I wake early and check my e-mail and do early morning tasks in the buff most of the time. In evenings, after a shower, I often enjoy a glass of wine, a movie and talk time with my good wife without bothering to put on clothing. This isn't a lot of time, but it is good time, nudist time.

  2. I'm always nude at home. In case a potential bluenose comes by I got a driveway patrol so no surprises!

  3. It's coming into Summer here in New Zealand, so I am nude almost full-time at home.
    Going out means I have to get dressed, but once home it all comes off.