Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pondarosa Resort Skinny Report

July 2011 PJ and I visited the Pondarosa Family Nudist Resort not too far from our work location in Tyler, TX – once just visiting for a weekend morning/afternoon, and the second time staying overnight before traveling to our next assignment in Little Rock, AR.

Pondarosa in Wills Point, just east of Dallas, TX (, is a small resort on ten acres. We visited their wonderful clubhouse (one of the nicest we’ve ever seen) and soaked in the relaxing pool.

Our small cabin was very well kept and furnished. We enjoyed several naked walks around the grounds, appreciating the nicely maintained residences.

During our weekend visit we enjoyed soaking and visiting with 26 new naturist friends (12 women). During the week it was naturally quieter, but we still enjoyed soaking and talking with a resident couple. Everyone we met was open and friendly.

We highly recommend this small resort. It is an ideal first-timer resort.

Here are a few photos from our visit:

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