Saturday, August 20, 2011

Home Nudists Even On Sunday

I've found Sunday a great day to be a home nudist - how about you?


“Sundays are usually my "naked day". I try not to plan doing anything, so I try to stay undressed the whole day. This past weekend, I didn't put a stitch on all day, not even my wrap around. Felt great.” – Nude M

“I feel great after a day of being nude. Now that we're "empty nesters" I spend more time nude. When I get home the clothes come off and if I'm lucky enough to not have to run errands I don't get dressed until the next time I work. Living nude makes me more comfortable and relaxed.” - Papanudist

“I am Earl M, a home nudist for several years. I became a home nudist by accident, installing a ceiling fan one very hot summer day. Disrobing helped me cope with the heat.” – Earl M.

“Having been raised in a household that was very casual about nudity, I too, wonder at some that 'require' even young children to hide in the bathroom to dress/undress. Unless you live in a glass house, downtown, in a city of prudes, there should be no reason to wear textiles at home. My daughter put it very succinctly when she stated (at age 5) "Boys peedle, girls potty, and everybody poops!" Not that it can't be fun to dress up in a costume (read this ANY clothing) to go somewhere, but we were born naked, and no one should be ashamed of that, especially in their own home.” - Rick

“I believe that home nudism is the most popular of the [nudist] life style, and the most accepted by the generally non-supportive spouse." - Doug R

“I am also naked indoors at home most of the time. I enjoy the freedom and comfort it gives me. I seem to be doing a lot less laundry since I started that habit!” - Jaimee

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