Saturday, July 25, 2009

St. George Freehike – Thanksgiving 2007

On Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd we had just returned from an abbreviated Skinny Trip to Saline Hot Springs to the Saint George area in Southern. We had stayed at Harrow and Kitty’s place Wednesday night, and got up early to prepare for a wonderful, nude Thanksgiving dinner.

Us guys – Larry, Lee, and me – couldn’t find anything productive to do so we decided to check out the area to find a good freehiking spot. Larry was our guide.

We drove south and west of Saint George, and soon arrived at a likely spot – a wide wash next to a beautiful blood-red mesa. It didn’t take before Lee and I were undressed and headed down the wash. It turned out to be a wonderful place for a freehike, as can be seen from these photos: .

The weather was perfect, we got some great exercise, discovered some spectacular scenery, enjoyed the feelings of well-being one always experiences when hiking nude, and got back just in time for a wonderful nude dinner with friends. What could be better?

PJ and I left later that day to return to Salt Lake City, but will always remember this Thanksgiving, especially because of the wonderful Red-Mesa freehike.

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