Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Freehike - Apr. 2007

On a Wednesday in 2007 the Freehiking Utah Group took its first nude hike for the year. We gathered at 12:30 near Salt Lake City , and by 12:45 we were driving to the trail. Twelve members participated, ten guys and two gals, and two others showed up to say ?Hi? and let us know they were getting ready for the next hike. The weather was perfect for a hike ? sun, fluffy clouds, temperature about 75 degrees. We drove to a trail on the south side of the Oquirrh Mountain range, past Tooele.

We immediately undressed at the trailhead (what a relief), and headed up a dirt road to the start of the trail. Those new to the group may have felt a little uncomfortable getting undressed at the vehicles, but it only took a few steps for all to feel totally comfortable naked outdoors. It was wonderful, as always; the sun felt so nice and warm, the breeze caressed and cooled our bodies, and the scenery was beautiful. The grey, dirt, single-track trail wound its way through the foothills at the base of the mountains. Juniper and pinion evergreen tress provided some shade along the way. We climbed up and down a few low hills, getting great exercise.

Nude hiking is at least partly about feeling totally one with nature; you simply can?t feel the same closeness to nature in clothes. Nude hiking is so freeing! It?s no wonder so few people hike any more; you almost never meet a clothed person on the trail; who would want to hike in hot, sweaty, filthy clothes. People just can?t have a total, natural hiking experience in clothes.

Another great thing about freehiking is talking to, and getting to know good hiking buddies as you share the trail together. We all enjoyed getting to know each other, and sharing past family and naturist experiences. It always amazes me how much naturists have in common.

Ken led the group; he figured anyone could keep up with an old fat man so no one needed to worry about falling behind. Ben and Bill hiked in the rear; good thing, they could run up the hills and leave us in the dust. Bill took some nice photos from the back of the group. (See ). PJ moved back and forth talking to nearly everyone; as you may know, PJ?s one of the friendliest naturists you could ever meet. We paused at a ridge for one couple to catch up. As we looked back down hill they were doing their own photo shoot, but no one minded at all. Nude hiking is mostly about having fun, and everyone was having fun.

After hiking several miles along the foothills, we reached the steepest point in the hike. We huffed and puffed our way to the top of a hill, and were greeted by a fantastic view of the valley below and the snow capped peak above. Time for PJs signature pose, and Ken even got in the act with PJ this time (see photos). Then it was time to head back down the trail. We picked up a few members along the way who had decided to take things a little easier. The breeze felt especially nice on our moist bodies as we raised our arms so the breeze could reach every part of us.

As we neared the end of the trail, a loud, nearby voice suddenly announced ?This is a test of the Tooele emergency response system?. We were all a little shocked; we doubted anyone would want twelve naked hikers rushing out of the hills because of an emergency. Fortunately, we decided it was just a large speaker on a high-power line down the hill a way. PJ had hiked ahead of the group just before the voice rang out, so when we caught up she was dressed, just in case we had visitors. We didn?t. Soon we were all back to the vehicles. As always it?s sad to get dressed at the end of a hike, nudity feels so good outside, but since this was the first hike of the year, it was also a relief to get back and rest. Many in the group will nurse tired muscles and slight sunburns for the next few days.

We estimated we had hiked about five miles. As we headed down the road to get back to Salt Lake city by about 5:00, we all felt grateful for good friends and a great nude hike. Hopefully more will join us in the future, especially our school teaching friends who will soon be done with work for the year; we bet you?re all jealous.

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