Thursday, July 16, 2009

Southern Utah Photo Shoot Freehike - June 2008

On day two of the Antoine Southern Utah Photo Shoot we left early from Moab and drove north and west to the South entrance of the San Rafael Swell. Further north on the dirt road, at the old swinging bridge campground, we turned right and drove to the camping area we’d visited earlier in the year.

Soon we were naked, freehiking up the red rock canyon. Almost immediately we noticed some amazing sculptured rocks and cliffs. That’s as far as we got.

While Antoine shot photos of PJ and Lee, I freehiked the surrounding hills and found some wonderful petrified wood and beautiful orange churt.

About lunch time, hot and tired, we packed up and drove into Castledale for a nice burger and fries. The cold drinks were especially welcome. We stopped to rest at a park in the shade of some ancient trees. Then we drove back to the Swell.

We found another very interesting location for more photos and freehiking, and then returned to the first location of the day for one final shot before the sunset.

Again, Antoine was pleased with the beautiful location and the photos, and we all enjoyed some fantastic time nude in nature with the hot sun warming our bodies.

We drove back to Green River and found a hotel for the night, and ate some dinner, anxious for the next morning and day shoot at the Rocks Camp, but that’s another report.

Here is a link to some of the photos taken in the San Rafael Swell area, day two of our Southern Utah photo shoot (others will be added in the future as Antoine finishes some of the shots she took):

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