Sunday, July 5, 2009

Neesy's First Freehiker - Oct. 2007

Thursday morning I asked our guest, Neesey, if she'd like to experience a freehike, something she'd never tried before as she'd been a practicing naturist for less than a month. She said sure, so I contacted Lee and by noon the four of us (Lee, Neesey, PJ, and myself) were driving towards the desert west of Salt Lake City.

The weather was just right for a freehike - warm, not hot, and not a cloud in the sky. We parked on a side dirt road about a mile from some barren, rocky hills where Lee often hiked in the late fall, and quickly undressed. Neesey was totally unconcerned about getting nude. Even though this was her first freehike, we hand learned over the past month that she was a born naturist.

We freehiked up the dirt road into a shallow canyon that rose above the desert flats. It didn't matter at all that the scenery was barren; the feeling of sun and air on our nude bodies made up for the lack of scenery. Besides, the high desert has its own very unique beauty.

We talked about life as we walked; Lee and Neesey had a nice talk about the problems of being married to someone who doesn't understand naturism. Before the conversation got too negative I interrupted to change the subject to the beauty of being nude in nature.

In about an hour the road crested the hill. In the distance below we saw a beautiful view of the Great Salt Lake, with the Wasatch Mountains beyond. Just below us was an old abandoned mine - our planned destination. Unfortunately a van was parked near the mine, and a man was target shooting. (Lee had never seen anyone in this area before and we had seen no recent vehicle tracks - he must have driven in from the other direction.) The girls slipped on wraps to avoid being seen, although he was probably too far away to realize we were all naked.

As the shooting started, we decided we'd need to turn around and head back - nude again of course. The cooling breeze felt so nice. We continued our enjoyable conversation and the gift of being one with the sun, the breeze, and good friends in a nature - naturally. It's so wonderful to hike naked with friends. Going down hill is always a little quicker, so it wasn't long before we had returned to the truck and were forced to get dressed - always the saddest part of a freehike.

We returned to Salt Lake City before 4:00 pm - a short hike really, but a wonderful hike for all, especially Neesey who said she loved her first freehike and wanted to go again soon.

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