Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Naked Hiker Day

“Naked Hiker Day was a blast! I hiked from about nine in the morning to four in the afternoon completely in the nude! What an awesome day! It was sunny, sunny, sunny! Up at elevations of 9,000 and 10,000 ft the air temperature stayed very comfortable. Hiking along the cool drafts of breeze felt wonderful all along my totally exposed body. The warm rays of the sun were free to hit along skin rarely exposed to the sun, creating wonderful large amounts of vitamin D reserves for the winter! Lunch was had at a small sandy ridge. The wind that was light and playful throughout the day settled down completely during lunchtime and the warm air just hung out. It felt just like the beach, out there on the sand engulfed in toasty warm lazy air! We hiked on carrying only about a liter of water, since the supply is so ample throughout the Sierra. When we needed water we journeyed over to a beautiful meadow to draw water from a small stream that ran silently through it. The day ended with lively conversations around a campfire at beautiful Chicken Spring Lake.” – Eric, Nakedwords

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