Sunday, July 19, 2009

South Fork Freehike - Aug. 2008

Our new job leaves us with very little free time – we work long hours together. So when we found ourselves on Wednesday afternoon with a little free time, we quickly determined to do some exploration and find a place to freehike near Odgen, Utah. We’re naturists after all and just have to get away and be nude in nature on occasion.

Staring about 3:30 pm, we drove up Odgen Canyon to explore. The drive was beautiful. We stopped to visit a Monastery near Huntsville, then continued up the South Fork. Sadly, the land bordering the road is mostly private. We didn’t find good public access until we nearly reached the summit, just prior to the turnoff to Blacksmith Fork.

There we found several interesting alternatives for a freehike. We choose one near some beaver ponds. Soon I was naked, enjoying the feel of the warm air on my body. PJ stayed clothed on this “first time” trail. I’m not sure why, but I appreciate so much her total willingness to go along and let me be naked, even when she’s not as comfortable.

Perhaps PJ was a little concerned about the water snakes and other wildlife we saw on the trail. There were also many cattle grazing along the way, but they didn’t seem to mind a naked guy too much – they just moved on up the valley.

This was just a short “exploratory” freehike; after a half hour or so we turned back. Still the hike was such a welcome relief from our busy workday schedule. We just love being naturists and the release and relaxation it provides. Textiles are definitely missing one of the best parts of life - taking off your clothing and enjoying nature.

(Sorry, no photos on this hike.)

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