Friday, July 10, 2009

Rattle Snake Trail Freehike - Sept. 2008

Monday afternoon PJ and I found ourselves with some free time. We’d wanted to take a freehike to see the fall colors before the weather turned and the leaves all fell. Why not today?

We decided to try and find a new trail in Sardine Canyon in Northern Utah where the leaves were particularly spectacular. I knew of a trail that often got traffic this time of year, but decided we could at least drive there to see if cars were parked at the trailhead, so we headed north. And surprise, no cars; we had Rattle Snake Trail to ourselves.

The trail starts just a few miles from the north end of the canyon. Just a short distance up the trail we were able to undress and begin enjoying nature the way God intended.

And talk about spectacular scenery - the leaves were all colors of red, orange, and yellow. Often the branches reached from both sides over the dirt road that switched back and forth into the hills, making for an easy climb. Majestic mountains poked their peaks above openings in the forest canapé. The sun filtered down and warmed our bodies. The views, the feelings, and enjoying each other’s company. The hike was indescribable. We had planned to take a short hike, but walked for more than two hours, and still didn’t reach the end of the trail.
We returned to the car without ever meeting a person. And as always, what a shame to get dressed. We can’t understand why people are so intent on wearing clothes to hike when all clothes do is make the hike sweaty and uncomfortable, and worse, separate people from experiencing “all” the feeling and wonders of nature.

Rattle Snake Trail is one of the most spectacular places we’ve ever freehiked. Hopefully you also might be able to visit before all of the leaves drop. Great hiking to everyone.

You can view photos of this amazing trail and our freehike at )

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