Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Freehiking Africa

“I now live in Africa and I have been hiking naked ever since. It is for me the ultimate experience of freedom and relaxation. Here in Africa being naked is absolutely taboo when you talk about it, but when you do it and meet some one there is no problem. Just put on my short if I have it with me, and say that it is too hot. I once met a young lady, and when she saw me she stopped and asked very shy "may I pass?" I said "of course", but we first had a nice chat about the beauty of nature. I usually go for a walk in a nearby game reserve. (No dangerous game though) I grew up in the tropics and I am used to walk bare foot. I still do it. So when I go for a naked hike, I am NAKED, except for the key of my car. Some time ago, I went for a 24 hour hike from 0 am to 24 pm, walking from the house with only a packet of sandwiches with me. It was full moon. I met some hyenas and one leopard. During the day hours I slept in a pine forest on a bed of pine needles. If possible, I also travel naked in my car. As an average I only have silly pieces of cloth around my body for not more then 3 hours a day. Hate it.” - Habakuk

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