Friday, July 3, 2009

Lakeshore Mountain Freehike - Nov. 2008

Rand had emailed Lee and I earlier in the week saying he’d like to take a freehike before the season ended, so on Thursday, November 8th , we met west of Salt Lake City and drove out to the west desert to the area we had hiked with Neesey and PJ in October.

The weather was just right, especially for November in northern Utah - warm and not a cloud in the sky. We parked on a side dirt road about a mile from the rocky hills, undressed, and hiked up the dirt road into a shallow canyon that rose above the desert flats. The high desert has its own very unique beauty, even though it is barren, and the feeling of sun and air on our nude bodies was wonderful. Freehiking brings you so close to nature and God – it’s the only way to hike.

As we hiked we shared naturist experiences and learned about Rand and his family. It’s always fun to meet a Skinny Tripper for the first time; they quickly become best friends.

In about an hour the road crested the hill. In the distance below we saw a beautiful view of the Great Salt Lake, with the Wasatch Mountains beyond. Just below us was an old abandoned mine - our planned destination. We took a group photo – actually we couldn’t figure out how to do it with rand’s camera, so we took a group shadow shot.

After a short rest at the top of the hill we decided to head back as Rand and I felt little out of shape for the hike down to the mine (actually the hike out). We continued our enjoyable conversation and the gift of being one with the sun, the breeze, and good friends in a nature - naturally. Going down hill is always a little quicker, so it wasn't long before we had returned to the truck and were forced to get dressed - always the saddest part of a freehike.

We returned to Salt Lake City by about 5:30 pm - a short but wonderful end of season freehike.

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