Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Salt Flats & Wendover Freehike - Oct. 2008

It was the opening weekend of Utah’s deer hunt – not a good time to go freehiking, yet PJ and I were definitely in the mood to get out of Dodge (Ogden, Utah) for some freedom. Lee volunteered to come along, and we determined to drive clear out of the Utah hunting mess and visit Wendover, Nevada. Besides, they have a great buffet there, and gambling if you enjoy that. PJ and Lee and I don’t.

Other Skinny Trippers were invited to go along, but couldn’t so they missed out. Too bad, because we found a great place to freehike.

We intended hiking on the Salt Flats, but unfortunately, they were flooded. We did get a few interesting photos of reflections in the briny water though. (See photos at: http://imageevent.com/kenandjane/saltflatswendover )

In the hills directly west of the Salt Flats (actually still in Utah) we found a spectacular rocky area to hike. We parked the car just off a main dirt road, undressed, and headed into the hills along a side dirt road. (We didn’t see anyone else on these roads all day.) The sun was bright, the weather was cool – perfect for freehiking and enjoying the outdoors naked.

PJ has recent gotten very interested in taking photos and Lee modeled for her; she took many interesting shots. (I didn’t want to break the camera so during the photo shoot I hiked around the side hills looking at interesting rock formations.)

We found one place where the dirt road went up over a hill and dead ended at a perfect Skinny camping area, with an unbelievably spectacular view. (The photos don’t do this view justice.)
We also found several interesting natural arches, and a rock tower that looked like a dragon head. The views of the valley below were breathtaking in nearly every direction.

At the end of the freehike PJ took additional photos of Lee modeling in a dry lake bed.

Then we drove into Wendover for a very satisfying buffet meal, before returning to our homes in the Salt Lake City area.

We all loved our day, tanning free in the sun. What a wonderful feeling. What a fantastic way to live – nude and free as God intended

This area would make an ideal place to spend a weekend camping and hiking free.

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