Monday, November 30, 2009

Nude Run

The Danish videos linked below reminded me that we are going to hold a nude 5k at Olive Dell Ranch the 3rd weekend of April, 2010, called the Bare Burro 5k. I think this will be California’s first nude 5k. Hopefully some of you will be able to attend. Mark April 17th on your calendar.

I’m not sure what the event is, but the Danes certainly understand how to hold a race (although it would have been much better if the audience was also naturist): and also and


  1. Hello Ken
    Those videos are from Roskilde Festival. With more than 110.000 participants it is Denmarks largest and Europe's second largest music festival. Every year the festival's radio station organizes a naked race. The winners gets free tickets for next years festival.
    The festival isn't really clothing optional, but nudity is not uncommon in the camping-areas.


  2. Thanks for the info. It's always nice to know someone checks out my blog. Hopefully you find it intersting and enjoyable?


  3. If I didn't find your blog interesting and/or enjoyable, I wouldn't be following it. In fact I use the rss-feed from your blog on my site about naturism in Denmark and Scandinavia "Bare Denmark -".


    A link to the official website of the Roskilde Festival: