Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch - Oct 18-20, 2009

PJ and I arrived at Olive Dell Ranch just before 8:00 am and unexpectedly found Randall (a member of Skinny Trippers) already waiting at the gate to join our weekly freehike. Attendance at the group freehikes has been light lately so he and I hiked alone.

We took a little different trail, past the water tower, up the straightaway, clear to the top valley, and then down the ridge that looks out on Riche Canyon. It made for a great loop, though longer than I usually hike. (I’d definitely recommend this route for a little longer hike.)

The weather was perfect for freehiking. It was cool, but definitely warm enough for an enjoyable hike. There was hardly a cloud in the sky, with very little mist or fog, so we could see the entire valley and the mountains beyond.

It was nice talking and getting to know more about Randall as we freehiked. He’s apparently hiked all over the mountains in California, and to most of the peaks.

He mentioned that his wife had asked him to learn to slow down and relax, so he’d decided to become a naturist. I invited him to bring his wife (somewhat reluctant) up to Olive Dell on a cooler weekend when she would be unlikely to see “naked” people so she could meet PJ and I, tour Dellymaze Park, enjoy a meal, and play a game with us. Perhaps making naturist friends would help her feel less self-conscious, and help her understand we’re not a bunch of freaks.

(Everyone is welcome to visit us if that makes also makes sense for your reluctant spouse.)

Here are a few photos from the hike:

After eating a nice nude breakfast in the restaurant, Randal decided to hang out by the pool while I helped Dave clear a spot for a shed. (Working naked makes working a lot more enjoyable.) PJ worked in the Park.

As I was digging at Dave’s new site Andrew (another Skinny Tripper) drove by, and stopped to say Hi. It was great to see him again (we didn’t expect his visit either). I directed him to the Park so PJ could give him a tour of all that had happened since his last visit.

A little while later I walked up to the trailer for a drink, and visited with Andrew and also Randall who came up a few minutes later. It’s so enjoyable visiting with naked friends in the shade on our deck.

I then returned to working at Dave’s place. Randall stopped to say goodbye a little later. Fully worn down helping Dave, PJ and I walked down for a shower, and said goodbye to Andrew who was enjoying the sun on the deck by the pool.

(Did I mention how much I enjoy showering at naturist resorts? It’s one of my favorite activities. It’s especially wonderful to get your back washed by your wife every time you shower together.)

We then got dressed and drove into Corona to visit for the evening with F . . . and family. One of their daughters had a birthday party. They are naturists and briefly talked about their family (all six kids) vacation to La Guna Del Sol this past summer. We invited them to visit us at Olive Dell, and they said they’d like to, especially because it is so family friendly.

We returned to our trailer in time for a nice naked evening together watching TV.

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