Saturday, November 14, 2009

Naturism is Good for Families

Living at Olive Dell Ranch, my wife and I have witnessed many positive examples of family naturism. Here are a few:

“We’ve met several people who have lived at Olive Dell Ranch for years. The oldest current member joined in 1958. As I came back from a freehike I met and talked briefly with Al and Missy, barbequing nude, who have lived as naturists at Olive Dell for over 50 years. We soaked with David who has lived continuously at the resort for 25 years. We met a young couple who just had a new baby. The mom was raised at the resort. We’ve met several teenagers who have been raised as naturists at the resort. It’s a world apart, but in my estimation, a very good way to live.”

“Soon after we moved a trailer to Olive Dell, two local girls (16 & 5) came by to meet us. The oldest talked about her experience being raised a naturist her entire life. About a dozen kids of various ages live at, or come to the resort with their parents. She is being home schooled currently, but used to attend school in Redlands; she had invited her friends to the resort in the past and one had come. We envied her chance to group up as a naturist.”

“After reaching a healthy level of exhaustion gardening one evening, we drove down to the clubhouse, took a shower, and joined a small group of people in the spa – ah, how warm water relaxes sore muscles. Over time the spa filled with 25 people – many who we hadn’t previously met, and several first-time couples. Most interesting, three older children (9 and 10) joined us. They were received naturally without comment and were very well behaved. They enjoyed running from the spa to the (cold) pool where they jumped high into the air and landed with a splash – no swimming suits and no anxiousness about enjoying the water naked with several dozen adults.”

“We walked down to the pool for a swim, and a soak in the spa. One of the dads at the resort, Matt, was playing in the water with four children – baby, three, five, and ten. It was such fun watching a naked family at play in the water. The three-year-old was especially fun. He was so unconsciously natural splashing, looking through the fence, and playing hide-and-seek from his dad. Mom was also in and around the pool area.”

“There were quite a few people floating and talking in the pool today. Several ladies were visiting from Arizona, but it turned out they were very familiar with Olive Dell, having been raised here as a child. They laughed about the boys from her high school in the 1970s who would drive up and streak “clothed” through the resort. (When we had arrived this morning we noticed that the kids from the resort had slept out on the owner’s trampoline. They were now swimming and splashing naked with us in the pool. What a grand place to grow up.)”

“At times it’s wonderfully amazing living at a naturist resort. Yesterday I grabbed a shovel and walked down to hill to extend the trail from our garden. Even in the late afternoon heat I realized again how much I love nude gardening After about an hour I saw several kids walking up to hill to visit the garden. (They’re probably about 10 years old.) The boy was nude, carrying a towel. The girl wore an open-front sarong. Just two naturist kids enjoying each other’s company visiting our fun garden. They said hi, and explained how much they liked what we are doing. They especially liked the alligators hidden by the maze. Otherwise, they pretty much disregarded the naked old couple working in the garden. The girl took off her sarong and they laid on a large flat rock in the garden while they talked. After a while they got up and went to talk with my wife who was nude, painting on the deck by the trailer. They sat for some time on the deck, watching the birds – all three naked. After a while, the boy walked down the trail to examine my progress. Then they said goodbye and headed back to the clubhouse, carrying towel and sarong. Later in the evening I saw the two friends riding bikes. They had put on pants, but were both topless. What a wonderful way to grow up, playing with naked friends of both sexes, and thinking nothing of it.”

“After dinner my wife stayed to talk about dieting and exercise with Mary Lou while I returned to finish clearing a trail in our park. While I was working, two girls (age 10 & 12) came to the park to visit. We talked while I worked and they walked the new trail. Then they headed down the hill to play with several other children on the volleyball court below. It’s fun to watch naturist children who are so unconscious being with friends and adults without clothing. The world’s fears of nudity and abuse don’t even seem to cross their minds. The world would be a better place if everyone were raised as nudists.”

“It was very hot this July weekend, so we spent more time than normal in the pool floating and talking with other naturists. We met three ladies, a mother who was celebrating her 87th birthday, and her two daughters. They were from Arizona and Texas. It turns out they were long-time members of Olive Dell Ranch. The mother had lived at the resort with her husband and daughters, starting in 1965. It was fun listening to the daughters tell about good times they had growing up at a naturist resort. The daughter’s husbands will not attend a nudist resort. One is a bashful Texan, and the other thinks it’s sinful. They just made light of the situation mentioning how much their husbands missed, and how much fun they had as a mother and daughters. It's sad about the husbands, but inspiring to meet a family unit where naturism took.”

“One evening Mary Lou and David dropped by and sat naked around the table on the deck talking, eating cherries and popcorn, and drinking soda, until it got dark. I commented on how great it was to see the kids so unconsciously enjoying themselves as naked friends. Mary Lou seem a little surprised at my reaction, but commented how her kids were raised as naturists and thought nothing about being naked with the family. Why couldn’t I have been raised that way? Life is so short, and I missed so much – too bad. But it’s wonderful to have finally found a better, more natural approach to life.”

“Sitting on our deck, we enjoyed watching a visiting family (dad, mom, and two probably 12 year old twin daughters) play a game of tennis nude. Three kids (a boy and two girls about 10 years old) who live at the resort dropped by to visit and see progress on our garden. Unconsciously playing naked with good friends - growing up as naturists – a blessing I wish I’d experienced.”
“As we were walking a new trail in our garden, two of the kids (aged about ten) from the resort showed up for a visit. They joined us on our naked tour of the new trails. I’m always amazed how unconsciously kids at the resort accept nudity. They don’t even seem to think about it. It’s just natural for them as they have been raised as naturists. What a wonderful way to be brought up and to live.”

“David came by to discuss the game we’ve been developing together, and a 10 year old girl dropped by, so we enlisted her in trying out the game. She seemed to have fun – even though she had to play it with two old naked guys. (The dynamics at a naturist resort never cease to amaze.)”

Naturism and families; the two just go together in a very healthful way.

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