Saturday, November 21, 2009

Family Swimming Pool

“This summer we bought a doughboy (sp) pool for our back yard. So for the months of June through Aug my children would go swimming at least once everyday. So in mid July I told my wife the Boys didn't really need to wear swim suits, to which she agreed. I said well if they don't need to then I don't, she said yeah that's true. While our backyard is not totally private (we have one European family's house that looks into our back yard), still all the rest are relatively blocked by landscaping. The boys for two months went swimming everyday nude and they LOVED it! I lead the way by stripping down first and then they shortly followed, (they are 5, 8, and 11) and continued everyday, I would usually only join them once a week or so.

My 16 yr old daughter wanted to join us but was afraid her mother would be to hard to live with so she would come out and watch but never dove in. She just kept saying I can't wait until I'm 18. So it wasn't great for her but it was definitely a good beginning and it was definitely a great summer of swimming! Who knows what this next summer will bring!!” - BC


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