Monday, November 2, 2009

Thoughts About Olive Dell Ranch - August 2009

We had arrived early in the morning of August 27, 2009, and I took my normal freehike from our trailer around the loop trail in the hills above the resort – about three miles. No one else came for the hike, but I go anyway. It is so relaxing – the mind is freed from all worries, and hiking nude is perhaps my most creative time to think. Today I considered those things PJ and I could do to contribute to the success of Olive Dell as board members. Eight things came to mind:

1. Continue at least weekly group freehikes at the resort.

2. Continue building Dellymaze Park. (This has already become quite an attraction at the resort.)

3. Sponsor the first annual “Bare Burro” nude 5k run/walk the spring of 2010 (probably the end of April – maybe Spring Break).

4. Revitalize Howard’s (an old member) nature trail. I’ve hiked it several time - it is overgrown and many of the vegetation identification signs have blown over, but it has the potential to be the best nude nature trail in California.

5. Introduce “Nude Deck Karaoke” to be held at least once a week on different resident’s deck. This could include those who enjoy paying instruments and drumming.

6. Build a Disc Golf course in the meadows above the resort. The site is perfect!

7. Start an “Afternoon in the Park” concert series (including perhaps a play) to be held in the outdoor amp theater at the resort.

8. Make Olive Dell more business friendly. This would start with installing high speed Internet, and encouraging naturist-friendly businesses. Several residents already work from the resort, and several actors live there. PJ and I are staring our own business enterprise from the resort. I suspect other naturist-friendly businesses could thrive at Olive Dell since it is so close to resources and major California markets.

What do you think of these plans? Any interest in attending or helping out?

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