Sunday, November 29, 2009

Olive Dell Ranch – November 28, 2009

It was cold and rainy at Olive Dell Ranch Saturday, November 28th 2009. Still, I took the chance during one of the few sunny breaks to work nude on a new trail off the entrance to the Olive Dell Nature Trail (which I am also revitalizing) at the back of Dellymaze Park. I discovered an area of giant boulders that look like huge dinosaur eggs, so I removed lots of brush and wound the trail down through the rocks, before looping it back into the Nature Trail. Another day digging and it should be completed. PJ and I haven’t decided on a name for this trail yet – any suggestions?

Also, it was nice to have Mike Springhiker visit us for the day – even though the weather was bad. PJ gave him a tour of Dellmaze Park, and then he and I took a three-mile freehike on the Picnic Table Loop Trail. Freehiking is enjoyable even when it’s a little cool. It was great talking and getting to know him better. We then ate a naked supper in the restaurant and watched a movie before he had to leave for the evening.

We love our naturist friends, and enjoy making new ones. You’re all welcome to visit us at Olive Dell Resort. You’ve got to see Dellymaze Park; it’s become quit the attraction. And let us know you are coming so we can get you in for free.

Oh, by-the-way, I’ve been thinking about starting up a Skinny Tripper group is Southern California that actually travels and visits places - gets together for freehikes, parties, etc. It’s great to be at Olive Dell, and we’ve been totally consumed with the resort and the Park when we’re not working, but I sometimes feel the need to get away as well. In Utah we planned organized freehikes twice a month. Twice a month sounds like a good plan - maybe one freehike, and then one Skinny activity of another type. Anyone interested is joining in?

It’s getting light and the day looks nicer. When it warms up I think I’ll try to finish the new trail (still looking for a name). Nude karaoke tonight, about 6:30 pm. Hope to see you all there.


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